Itch'n to be Stitch'n

LongArm Quilting Services

In order to make your experience more successful, there are a few things you need to consider before bringing your quilt in for service.

Squaring your quilt before adding your borders: By doing this it will insure there is no ruffling or added fullness in you quilt. I will do my best to hide it but keep in mind you may have creases quilted in. (not sure how to do this call and I will explain hot to do it)

Thread: many thread colors are available, whatever color top thread is used I will match it in the bobbin thread.

Backing: Your backing should measure 8" larger than the top by the length and width. The back of your quilt will look better if you trim the salvage edges before making any back seams.

Binding: Is usually done by you, but I will machine bind only. Binding must be 2 1/2" wide and the length should b 12" longer than the total inches around the quilt. Example: 80 x 90 quilt top. 160 (top and bottom) + 180 (sides)=340+12 =352" of binding.

Pricing: Quilting is 1.8 cents per inch. Example 80 x 90 quilt, 80 x 90 =72 x 1.8 =$129.00 each additional thread color is a $4.00 charge. Example 80 x 90 with two colors is $133.00

Shipping will be added according to post office fee for the package.
Minimum charge for quilting is $30.00

Please do not pin your top, batting and backing together bring them as separate pieces. And not in scented bags. Remember I quilt free handed I do not use templates or stencils when I quilt. I will use a pantographs on request.

I truly appreciate your business, thank you, Tamara