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About me...what can I say about me...I am a proud mother of four, Megan, Kyle, Cory and Autumn. I have two grandsons Kayden and Kolby from Megan and two granddaughters Aubree and Adley from Kyle. I also have an amazing husband Mike who is extremely supportive of my quilting addiction. I of course have to mention my two beagle pups Lucy and Ethel and my three cats Possum, Desi and Phoebe who love to lay whatever I am working in my sewing room. I found the amazing wonderful world of quilting about 25 years ago when I walked into a quilt shop and met Carolyn, she invited me to attend a class with her and after that class I was hooked..I can't get enough of quilting I just love choosing fabrics for a new project, cutting it up and putting all the pieces back together to create a beautiful quilt. I want to share it with everyone I meet...I love teaching others about quilting and seeing them get excited about what they have accomplished and yet I am still learning all the time myself. I am inspired by the people I meet everyday at my shop and my quilting friends all are truly a blessing to me.

Keep on Stitch'n, Tamara