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Long Arm Quilting Services

Using a long arm quilting machine in Staunton, IL can profoundly reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to create beautiful quilts. At Itch'n to Be Stitch'n, we’re pleased to provide our customers with access to long arm quilting services! Our goal is to help you complete your beautiful quilts in Staunton, IL quickly and effectively.


If your quilt is nearing completion, bring it to us for binding! We machine-bind quilts with the fabric of your choice, to ensure raw edges are properly covered and the batting is contained. We work quickly to help you put the finishing touches on your quilt.

Please note that binding must be 2 1/2" wide and the length should be 12" longer than the total inches around the quilt. For example, an 80” x 90” quilt top would require 352" of binding—160” (top and bottom) and 180” (sides) equals 340”, with 12” factored in.

Additional long arm services

In addition to binding, we offer additional long arm services designed to help expedite your quilting project and provide accuracy for larger tasks. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Squaring your quilt before adding your borders. This ensures there is no ruffling or added fullness in you quilt.

  • Thread. We offer numerous thread colors and will match the bobbin thread to whatever color top thread is used.

  • Backing. Your backing should measure 8" larger than the top by the length and width. The back of your quilt will look better if you trim the edges before making any back seams.

*Please do not pin your top, batting and backing together. Bring them as separate pieces.
*Please do not bring or mail your quilts in scented bags.

**Please remember  I quilt free handed I do not use templates or stencils when I quilt. Pantographs may be used upon request.


Pantographs and Standard Custom Long Arm quilting is 1.8 cents per square inch. For example, on an 80” x 90” quilt, 72” x 1.8 equals $129.00. Each additional thread color is a $4.00 charge. So, for example, an 80” x 90” with two colors would be $133.00. The minimum charge for quilting is $30.00. Custom Quilting is priced at 2 cents per square inch.

For quilts sent in, shipping will be added according to post office fee for the completed package.

Come to us for long arm quilting

We know that you put a lot of time and effort into your quilt, which is why we strive to provide long arm services that complete your quilt as you envisioned it. For more information, please contact us today by calling 618-635-2429.