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We will be closed on the day of Sept !st for the holiday weekend.
Club Meeting is every 1st Monday of the month at 10am at the Staunton VFW. Sept. 11th is our next meeting because the holiday falls on the 4th. If you miss a meeting just stop in and get your patterns. We now have a schedule for upcoming classes and a few changes. If you have taken a class and need continued help or just need help with something you are working on, please just give us a call and we set up a time to help you.

I have had a lot of response as to the day retreats. I am offering you the ability to book a day retreat for you and your friends. This is to allow you to have full access to our class room daily from 9am to 6pm, just call and book for the availability.
Strip Step Quilt: Great for beginners August 16th or August 19th  9-4 no fee for the class.
Pop Up: A cute pop up container. We had this class before and are asked to repeat it. No fee for class August 26   9-3
Row by Row this year starts June 21st. The theme is "On the Go"  Stop in to see our Row and pick up your free pattern

I will now be able to provide computerized all over design quilting to help ease the wait time. My Custom quilting is backed up till March 2018, but If you just want an all over the wait time will be about 2 weeks. We are now Dealers for Quilt EZ Perfect Stitch Regulators and Butler Robotic Systems for longarm quilting machines!
Like I said busy and crazy fun!!

I feel so truly blessed by all of you and this crazy wonderful fun business, again thank you. Looking forward to seeing you all at the next Club Meeting or the shop. Have a great wonderful fabulous amazing blessed day!

Keep on Stitch'n Tamara