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Itch'n to be Stitch'n

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Here are the Dates of upcoming Stuff!

Our next Club Meeting will be Monday June 3rd There is no Club Meeting in the Month of July!

All of Our Club meetings are held at the Staunton VFW on Henry St. 10am - 11:30am The first Monday of the month unless otherwise stated.

During the month of May I am offering a special of $2.00 off per yard on the Batiks (yardage only) and the Sale Fabric will be $4.00 a yard instead of $6.00!
Following up coming classes we are going to be teaching is on the Class page of the website. Some do not have dates yet but will by the 2nd week of June.

Also We will be having a Bus Day Trip on Sept. 12th (Thurs) to the Paducah Quilt Show. $40.00 per person I am taking reservations now. Last payment to reserve your spot will be August 1st.

It is also time to reserve your spot at our annual Retreat at Lake Williamson in Carlinville in October Mon Oct. 28th - Sunday Nov 3rd This requires a $100.00 deposit. Listed are your options of how you can attend. There are 2 package options to our contract and only 2.
A. 6 nights/18 meals Monday - Sunday
single occupancy $530.00
double occupancy $414.00
triple occupancy $389.00
B. 3 nights/9 meals Monday - Thursday or Thursday - Sunday
single occupancy $330.00
double occupancy $259.00
triple occupancy $235.00
There is a pool, hot tub, exercise room, ironing boards and irons. Just a coupe of us need to bring cutting mats. I provide a few as well as table extension legs. Bring your sewing machines and projects/fabric to work on. Your own wastebasket for your area. They provide a coffee pot and hot water pot in the sewing room. Bring your hot chocolate or tea bags. Bring your own coffee mug. You may want to add to the things donated like coffee, sweetener or creamers, if you use it. REMEMBER to please respect those allergic to perfumes and wear NO perfumes and fragrances. If you want you can bring a sewing chair and light, extension cords, power pack, personal table to iron on and your own iron. We can arrive Monday no earlier than 10am and lunch will be our first meal. Sunday we get only breakfast and need to be out at 1pm. The sleeping quarters are motel style, there is 2 double beds and a set of bunk beds in each room linens and pillows are provided. You do receive fresh towels daily but if you want to use the pool they ask we bring our personal towel for that. No alcohol, smoking (except designated area), and pets allowed on the grounds. No tape on the walls, no skate boarding or roller skating, no water fights and no glitter is allowed.
We have so much fun at this retreat. So if your wanting to join us call me asap and we will reserve your spot because we fill up quickly.

Every one keeps asking when is our scheduled moving date... I cannot seem to answer that question. Mother Nature has been not so nice with all the rain, so we are at a 6 week delay until we get a freeze or the mud dries up! I will send out an email when we will be moving we plan on being closed only a few days in the transition.

Also the feather weight tables everyone is raving about, back orders are starting to come in!!! $249.00
I have had a lot of response as to the day retreats. I am offering you the ability to book a day retreat for you and your friends. This is to allow you to have full access to our class room daily from 9am to 6pm, just call and book for the availability. Many are booking Tues thru Friday and some are booking Thurs though Sat. There is no charge to use our classroom, we love the fun and excitement and sharing quilting with all of you.
Every day we have lots of new stuff coming in, I have been posting all the pretties on facebook, so you can see them asap.
Like I said busy and crazy fun!!  
I feel so truly blessed by all of you and this crazy wonderful fun business, again thank you. Looking forward to seeing you all at the next Club Meeting or the shop. Have a great wonderful fabulous amazing blessed day!

Keep on Stitch'n Tamara                                       

  Phone 618-635-2429