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We offer an overnight retreat center than Sleeps 12. Each of the bedrooms sleeps 2 people and has its own private bath. The bedrooms are divided by a breezeway from the retreat class room to help keep the noise down for the night owls and early birds. The Retreat Class Room is very spacious. Each person gets their own 8 foot table with a comfortable adjustable, rolling chair and a design wall to themselves. 2 people to a ironing and cutting station. The class room also has a bathroom so you do not have to go back to your room to use the facility. We have a fully equipped kitchen for your use and we do have local restaurants that will deliver as well. The Retreat Center is also connected to our Shop allowing you protection from any weather issues.
During each overnight guest stay they will be provided with one set of bed linens and towels. Each over night guess also has 24 hrs a day to use the Retreat Center. WI FI is also provided.

Check in time is 2pm and check out is 11am. If there is no one booked prior to your stay and you want to check in early (10am) you may do so for an extra $10.00 fee. Our price is $55.00 per night, but If you book a retreat now until Dec 31st 2019 for the remainder of this year or any time in 2020 the price is $45.00 per night. No minimum attendees required, but I will book others with you for example i may book a group of 6 and another group of 4 etc.
To book a retreat you will be asked for a 50% deposit. The balance is due no less than 30 days prior to your scheduled date. Failure to pay this balance in a timely manner will result in a forfeiture of your deposit. Should you cancel your reservation 30 days or less before your scheduled date will result in forfeiting 100% of your deposit. It is your responsibility to call us with your payment we do not keep your credit card info.

Our retreat rules: Be courteous of others, pick up after yourself, no conversation of politics and religion please. Absolutely no spray adhesive is allowed, it is strictly forbidden. You may not even take anything outside spray it and bring it back in. There is no Smoking or other use of tobacco products in the building and no pets. Leave woof and meow with a loved one. By not following these rules individuals will be asked to leave the premises and will be responsible for all damages incurred for professional cleaning service. No perfumes and colognes many people are allergic to certain smells.